Laura discovered the healing power of yoga practice in 2013, amidst a particularly difficult struggle with anxiety. She found that yoga helped her to make space around the feelings of tightness that come along with anxiety, opening body, mind, and heart. She started teaching yoga at the University of West Georgia in 2014, eventually branching out to teach sports teams and members of the community.

She became a student of Swami Jaya Devi of Kashi Atlanta in December 2015, where she received her 200-hour classical yoga certification in September 2016. She’s working to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology, and will then go on to earn her master’s in social work. She hopes to integrate the healing practices of yoga and meditation into one-on-one therapy. Laura believes that yoga is our natural, blissful state, and that we engage in the practices to find our way back to that state. She has a deep passion for teaching, and her classes are all about making more space, physically and energetically.

Laura believes that yoga is for everyone, and is passionate about the healing, transformative, and soul-igniting power of yoga practice.